Our Practice Areas

Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Ltd., offers clients an unrivaled breadth and depth of experience. Our diverse team of attorneys practices law across more than 20 disciplines with one shared goal: to deliver clients first rate results. Our sophisticated strategies and tireless drive have earned victories in courtrooms across the United States. We have represented clients in matters ranging from small-scale disputes to class action lawsuits before the United States Supreme Court.
Appellate Law
HSPRD handles complex appeals in virtually every field of law. Our attorneys practice at a national level and have represented clients before the U.S. Supreme Court, federal courts of appeal and state appellate and supreme courts.
Business Transactions / Corporate Law
Our attorneys represent businesses on an international scale. We handle every challenge and opportunity that may arise for our clients, including capital campaigns, securities law compliance, corporate governance and tax management.
Civil Rights / Constitutional Law
The civil rights and constitutional law practice at HSPRD is one of the largest, best regarded and most successful in the nation. We pursue cases that drive change, challenge discriminatory practices and uphold fundamental human rights.
Class Action
HSPRD is among the nation’s most successful firms in litigating complex class action lawsuits. Our attorneys have enforced wage and hour laws, opposed housing discrimination and fought fraud in financial markets.
Commercial Litigation
Our litigators represent businesses and business owners in filing and defending lawsuits in federal, state and bankruptcy courts across the U.S. We handle disputes involving trade secrets, business ownership, contracts, insurance and finance.
Construction Law
We serve as advisors and litigators for construction companies and contractors across Illinois. Our attorneys handle contract disputes, insurance claims and related labor concerns. We work to recover payments and help draft company policies.
Disability Rights
HSPRD's disability rights attorneys are committed to advancing the independence, and protecting the rights, of people with disabilities throughout the country. The team is nationally renowned for improving access to healthcare.
Educational Equity Law
We protect students from discriminatory practices focused on race, gender identity and special education needs. Our team has won groundbreaking victories in desegregation cases. We work tirelessly to ensure safe spaces and equitable policies.
Employment and Labor Law
HSPRD represents employees and employers in a wide range of workplace and wage issues. We defend against discriminatory policies and practices, negotiate contracts and severance agreements and advocate on behalf of hourly workers.
False Claims / QUI TAM Litigation
Our attorneys represent private-citizen whistleblowers across the U.S. in cases involving government and insurance fraud. We vigorously protect and pursue the interests of our clients and have won lawsuits addressing Medicare and Medicaid provider fraud.
Gaming Law
HSPRD represents clients in all aspects of gaming and casino law. We leverage extensive industry contacts to help casino owners, developers and investors navigate complex regulatory, permit and licensing processes in Illinois and across the U.S.
Immigration – Employment Related
Our attorneys represent leading universities, medical centers, law firms and businesses in the full scope of U.S. immigration and nationality law. We help clients navigate complex visa regulations and defend against workplace investigations.
Immigration for Immigrants and Their Families
Immigration attorneys at HSPRD represent individual foreign nationals and their families in every area of U.S. immigration and nationality law, including citizenship, naturalization, asylum, administrative appeals and deportation proceedings.
Insurance Law
HSPRD advises insurers about the scope of coverage under primary and excess general liability policies. We represent clients in a wide range of mediation, arbitration and litigation and have won significant trial victories in across the U.S.
Intellectual Property
We protect clients’ intellectual property through litigation and counsel on patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret law. Our attorneys manage intellectual property portfolios and negotiate license and technology-related agreements.
Medical Malpractice Defense
The medical malpractice defense team is comprised of trial attorneys with experience in every field of medicine. We represent insurance companies, medical institutions, physicians, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals.
Personal Injury
Personal injury attorneys at HSPRD have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for families suffering after traumatic and catastrophic events. We pride ourselves on providing thorough and compassionate legal services in a timely manner.
Workers’ Compensation
We know how quickly clients need benefits and disability checks following a workplace injury. Our attorneys ensure clients receive maximum available weekly benefits and their choice of medical care under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.
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