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Workers’ Compensation

Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of people who suffer injuries at work.

The Workers’ Compensation Statute protects employees in Illinois from work related injuries. The statute provides for benefits that compensate injured employees for lost time from work, medical bills incurred, and any permanent disability.

Our experienced team understands the urgency of getting timely benefits and medical treatment after a work injury. maximize weekly benefits paid for lost time and to ensure that permanent disability is fully evaluated. We treat each of our clients as if they were our own family and fight to give them the maximum compensation we can get them under the system in a timely manner. We are sensitive to the urgency of timely payments and approval and we communicate with our clients on a regular basis and make them part of the team. We will fight for you and if there is no recovery you do not owe us any fees. We work on a contingent fee basis – we only collect if we win – and we have been blessed with a winning record. That successful record comes from experience, depth and tenacious and zealous advocacy on behalf of our clients.



State laws govern the distribution of workers’ compensation benefits. According to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, injured workers are entitled to:

Medical expenses – 100% of all medical expenses are covered. No deductible or co-insurance payment is necessary.

Partial Permanent Disability (PPD) – Also referred to as a lump sum settlement, this benefit is meant to compensate you for your injuries if you suffer from partial loss of the use of a body part. The amount of these benefits is determined by what body part is permanently impaired and how that will affect your life.

Permanent Total Disability (PTD) – If your injury leaves you unable to do any kind of work or you lose two of the same body parts (e.g., both hands), you are entitled to benefits for life. PTD benefits are determined based on two-thirds of your average gross weekly wage.

Temporary Total Disability (TTD) – If you need to be off work to heal from your injuries, you are entitled to a weekly lost wage benefit. This amount is based on two-thirds of your average gross weekly wage.

Wage Loss Differential – If your injury prevents you for doing your job and forces you to take a lower paying job, you may be entitled to a benefit equal to two-thirds of the difference between the average gross weekly wages of each job.

Vocational Retraining – If your injury prevents you from being able to return to your job, you may be entitled to compensation for retraining in another occupation.

Survivor benefits – If a worker is killed on the job, his or her dependent heirs are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

HSPRD will provide you with sound, practical and experienced advice so that you can review all possible options. In addition, we can ensure that you will be provided with the proper medical attention you deserve, along with the personal guidance, assistance and service you deserve.

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