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Personal Injury

The attorneys at HSPRD have helped thousands of injured people or people who have lost loved ones since 1985. We have the size and depth of talented and experienced lawyers to fight for our clients and a track record to prove it. We handle cases throughout the United States and are frequently brought in on catastrophic and life changing accidents. We are sensitive that these events frequently have enormous impact and suffering to the victims ranging from physical to emotional. We become engaged with our clients and develop a team approach to championing their claims. We handle the wide gamut of injury claims including:

Truck accidents / car crashes


Workers Compensation

Construction accidents

Injuries from defective premises

Aquatic and drowning cases

Dog bites

Motorcycle accidents

Products liability

Whistle blower claims 

Federal Employer Liability Claims

The injuries range from brain injuries, amputations, death, burn injuries, spinal cord and paralysis, emotional and psychological, PTSD, scarring and disfigurement, neurological to soft tissue and financial losses. 

While we handle some of the largest and most publicized cases in the country, we practice with the motto that that there are no small cases and each client that comes to us is treated like family. We give them every ounce of our effort and go beyond what normal lawyers do for their clients because we truly care about them and it gets results. The more we know about our clients the better we can effectively advocate for them. 

As the wife of a client who lost both of his legs in a car crash said about one of our attorneys, Mark Dym:

” I called, and he came to the hospital to visit my husband the same night. I was impressed. He visited my husband every night in Lutheran General Hospital for three months. Every night. I’ve never met a person like him before. I would recommend him as a lawyer for anybody. ”  

We are empathetic and determined and we get results. HSPRD was recently selected to serve on the steering committee for the Ethiopian airlines crash. We recently concluded a case for a minor child who suffered partial paralysis from a truck crash in California. The list goes on and on – one successful result after another. Each day our lawyers are in Court rooms zealously fighting for the compensation that our clients deserve.  

We handle all our injury cases on a contingency fee basis – if the client does not recover there is no fee. We carefully select our cases and work tenaciously to get the awards our clients are entitled to from the persons and companies who caused the harm. As a firm, we have received awards and settlements in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars in our wide-ranging litigation practice. We win cases and are dedicated to obtaining justice. Our clients are our family.

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Frequently Asked Questions


When it comes to making this decision we ask our clients to keep in mind that defendants frequently have teams of attorneys on staff prepared to find ways to pay out as little as possible on every claim. So why not hire an accomplished team of attorneys who focus on personal injury litigation and workers’ compensation to level the playing field for you?


The value of your case depends greatly on the evidence provided. You may be entitled to compensation for a variety of damages caused. Some of these damages may include: Past medical bills Future medical bills Lost wages Loss of earning capacity Pain and suffering


In most cases, yes, your personal injury lawsuit has to be filed in a courthouse within a certain period of time or it is forever barred in Illinois. A typical personal injury case must be filed within two years. Exceptions to that rule include filing against a municipality, which must be filed within one year, or filing a workers’ compensation claim in Illinois, which has to be filed within three years. It is important to get an attorney involved as early as possible so we can best advise you.


Yes, you can file a case if you are undocumented in the workers’ compensation department as well as the personal injury department. We can defend your rights and recover fair compensation for you.
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