HSPRD Lawsuit Profiled in Buzzfeed Article Exposing Worker Exploitation

In the article titled “In The New American Slavery: Invited to the U.S. Foreign Workers Find a Nightmare,” posted on Buzzfeed, investigative journalists expose the exploitative conditions faced by many participants in the foreign guest worker visa program. The article extensively profiles Valdez Huerta, et. al v. L.T. West, et. al (Case No. 6:11-cv-1589, W.D. La.), one of the many cases in which HSPRD has represented H2-A and H-2B visa holders who have faced civil rights, wage and hour, or other violations of their legal rights once arriving to the United States through the program.

The case in the article was litigated by HSPRD attorneys Matthew Piers, Jose Behar, Juliet Berger-White, and Caryn Lederer, and HSPRD paralegal Monica Chavez.  Read the original Buzzfeed news article that discussed Valdez Huerta here

Update: In response to the BuzzFeed News investigation exposing exploitation in the federal guest worker visa program, that detailed a HSPRD lawsuit brought by H-2A workers in Louisiana, several members of Congress have demanded stronger protection for workers. Read the news article here https://ow.ly/QzWNr

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