Our staff shares our commitment to excellence in all that we do. More than thirty individuals work together as a team to support our attorneys and deliver results that exceed client expectations.

cacostaCaroline Acosta
Languages: Spanish
T. 312-604-2612 | F. 312-604-2613
Paralegal to Mark S. Dym, Mark B. Weiner

tchavezTeddy Chavez
Languages: Spanish
T. 312-604-2720 | F. 312-604-2721
Paralegal to Mark S. Dym, Mark B. Weiner

lfigueroLuis Figueroa
Languages: Spanish
T. 312-604-2790 | F. 312-604-2791
Paralegal to Michael A. Hierl

Benjamin Goldberg
Languages: Spanish
T. 312-604-2738 | F. 312-604-2739
Paralegal to Matthew J. Piers, Joshua Karsh, Christopher Wilmes, Jose Behar, Juliet Berger-White, Caryn Lederer, Chirag Badlani, Kate Schwartz, Charlie Wysong

egreenfieldEve Greenfield
Languages: Spanish, Russian and French
T. 312-604-2638 | F. 312-604-2639
Paralegal to Terry Yale Feiertag, Kendra H. M. Scheuerlein, Robert Krug, Kalman D. Resnick

Maryam Jamali
Languages: Persian and Spanish
T. 312-604-2620 | F. 312-604-2621
Paralegal to Caryn Lederer, Joshua Karsh, Matthew Piers, Christopher Wilmes

jmanizJennifer Moniz
T. 312-604-2686 | F. 312-604-2687
Paralegal to Terry Yale Feiertag, Kendra H. M. Scheuerlein, Robert Krug, Kalman D. Resnick

dseebergDelia Seeberg
Languages: Spanish
T. 312-604-2670 | F. 312-604-2671
Paralegal to Terry Yale Feiertag, Kendra H. M. Scheuerlein, Robert Krug, Kalman D. Resnick

Jori Stanton
T. 312-604-2722 | F. 312-604-2723
Paralegal to Dina Torrisi, Catherine Reiter, Jennifer Heydemann, Maire A. Dempsey

dbarlettDavid Barlett
T. 312-604-2690 | F. 312-604-2691
Legal Assistant to Roger Littman, Maire Dempsey, Meredith Turner-Woolley, Christopher Wilmes

cblankChristine Blank
T. 312-604-2668 | F. 312-604-2669
Legal Assistant to Michael A. Hierl

mcadenaMargarita Cadena
Languages: Spanish
T. 312-604-2680 | F. 312-604-2681
Legal Assistant to Mark B. Weiner

jcrudupJuanita Crudup
T. 312-604-2682 | F. 312-604-2683
Legal Assistant to Robert R. Anderson III, Christopher A. Johnson, Donald G. Peterson, Larry D. Blust

Martha Espinoza
Languages: Spanish
T. 312-604-2746 | F. 312-604-2747
Legal Assistant to Terry Yale Feiertag, Robert Krug, William B. Schiller, Ian Wagreich

agarciaAna M. Garcia
Languages: Spanish
T. 312-604-2740 | F. 312-604-2741
Legal Assistant to Kendra H. M. Scheuerlein


jmcgeeJudy McGee
T. 312-604-2692 | F. 312-604-2693
Legal Assistant to Robert R. Anderson III, Mark S. Dym, Daniel A. Waitzman

rortizRaul Ortiz
T. 312-604-2694 | F. 312-604-2695
Legal Assistant to Juliet V. Berger-White, Joshua Karsh, Matthew J. Piers

gsantosGabriela Santos
Languages: Spanish
T. 312-604-2688 | F. 312-604-2689
Legal Assistant to Chirag G. Badlani, José J. Behar, Caryn C. Lederer

mscheveMarge Scheve
Languages: Polish
T. 312-604-2696 | F. 312-604-2697
Legal Assistant to Donna Kaner Socol, John K. Hughes, Adam Snyder, Meredith Turner-Woolley, Maire Dempsey

gvillaGloria Villa
Languages: Spanish
T. 312-604-2698 | F. 312-604-2699
Legal Assistant to Kalman D. Resnick

caugustynskiChris Augustynski

Director of Finance
Languages: Polish
T. 312-604-2732 | F. 312-604-2733


icerpaIleana Cerpa

Languages: Spanish
T. 312-580-0100 | F. 312-580-1994


dcervantesDaniel Cervantes

Director of Operations
T. 312-604-2718 | F. 312-604-2719


mlopezMichelle Lopez

Billing Clerk
Languages: Spanish
T. 312-604-2730 | F. 312-604-2731

wmackWillie Mack

Accounts Payable
T. 312-604-2710 | F. 312-604-2711

mmeterMaureen Meter

Firm Administrator
T. 312-604-2648 | F. 312-604-2649

Jordan Rodriguez

Mailroom/Supply Clerk
T. 312-604-2702 | F. 312-604-2703

csylvestreCarolyn Sylvestre

T. 312-604-2712 | F. 312-604-2713

Brandon Uribe

Systems Administrator
T. 312-604-2712 | F. 312-604-2713