Shareholder Kalman Resnick Among Panelists Presenting “Immigration to the U.S. in times of Covid-19” Webinar

HSPRD’s head of the immigration group Kalman Resnick was among the panelists that participated in an informative webinar organized by the Asociacion de Empresarios Mexicanos – Chicago (AEM), to  discuss immigration changes in times of COVID-19 with Dr. Patty Garcia, District Director for U.S. Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García and Javier Maupomé, Consul for Protection and Legal Affairs at the Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago.  The webinar addressed today’s current state of immigration, the consulates’ role in Mexico, the impact COVID has had on the community, and what we can expect in the near future. 

The webinar was intended to empower, protect and inform Mexican immigrants and other immigrant communities.  Among the topics discussed, was exploring the roles the American and Mexican Consulates have during the pandemic as well as discussing the challenges and delays that have resulted from it.  The current state of immigration laws was also addressed by explaining the impact COVID-19 has brought across borders affecting families, immigrant workers, education and DACA recipients; as well as the impact it has has had on family, student, business and employment visas.

“My hope for the future is to increase the political participation – not just in Chicago and Illinois but around the country. That’s why Congressman Garcia has been going to Iowa, Nevada, and other states to support the political rights of the Mexican Communities in those states.” 
– Kalman Resnick.

Click HERE to access the webinar recoding.

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