Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Over Cook County Property Taxes Approved to Proceed

Last week, Judge Celia Gamrath permitted the HSPRD lawsuit against racial discrimination in setting Cook County property taxes to proceed. The litigation is brought on behalf of three community groups, Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, Logan Square Neighborhood Association, and South Suburban Housing Center, to reform property tax assessments in Cook County that have for too many years over-taxed Latino and Black communities, while letting many white communities escape paying their fair share.

HSPRD attorneys Charlie Wysong and Matthew Piers are co-counsel with Aneel Chablani and Barbara Barreno-Paschall of the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, Jeffrey Taren of MacDonald, Hoague & Bayless, and Robert Libman, Nancy Maldonado, and Matthew Owens of Miner, Barnhill & Galland.

Click HERE to read the press release from Chicago Lawyers’ Committee.
For more information, click HERE to read the full article in the Cook County Records.

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