Partner William Schiller Presents to Physicians Group on Forensic Asylum Evaluations

HSPRD immigration partner William Schiller was a featured speaker along with Dr. Braden Hexom, Rush Medical College, Associate Professor and Residency Program Director as part of a virtual training titled “Approaching the Forensic Asylum Evaluation,” a program for clinicians, clinical trainees, and clinical students to learn how to complete asylum evaluations.  The session was presented as part of the Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) /Chicago People’s Rights Collaborative (CPRC) Clinical Forensics Training Series: Asylum Evaluations Training for Clinicians. 

The Asylum Program at PHR is a volunteer recruitment, training, and placement organization that focuses on providing pro bono forensic medical and mental health evaluations to asylum seekers and other immigrants applying for legal status. The Asylum Network at PHR consists of approximately 2,000 health professionals throughout the United States who offer pro bono forensic evaluations to document evidence of torture and other human rights abuses. The CPRC is a volunteer, student, and trainee run multi-institutional clinic based in Chicago that aims to provide pro-bono medical-legal services for individuals seeking asylum, and detained or incarcerated individuals.

For more information on CPRC’s Forensics Training Series: Asylum Evaluations for Clinicians Upcoming Sessions – Click Here.

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