Lori Deem and Charlie Wysong Join HSPRD as Firm Shareholders

HSPRD Shareholders Lori Deem (left) & Charlie Wysong (right)

HSPRD is thrilled to announce the addition of Lori Deem and Charlie Wysong as shareholders. Their extensive expertise and distinguished careers significantly enhance our Firm’s capabilities, and we are excited to welcome them to our esteemed group of shareholders.

Lori brings a wealth of experience in representing executives and individuals in various employment matters. Her proficiency in negotiating severance and employment agreements, addressing employment discrimination claims, and handling retaliatory discharge cases has consistently delivered favorable outcomes for her clients. Her practice encompasses a comprehensive range of discrimination and harassment claims, advocating for individuals who have faced adversity based on age, race, gender, disability, national origin, pregnancy, and sexual orientation. We are confident that Ms. Deem’s commitment to justice and exceptional legal insight will continue to be invaluable assets to our Firm and clients.

Lori achieves remarkable results counseling C-Suite and senior executives. Her proficiency in navigating job transitions, change-of-control situations, and reviewing, negotiating and drafting complex agreements demonstrates a level of skill that is truly commendable. Lori’s extensive experience advising executive clients on equity and compensation matters across a wide range of corporate environments (e.g. private equity, start-up and publicly traded companies) further enriches our Firm’s ability to provide comprehensive legal solutions. We are confident that Lori’s insights and strategic counsel will be instrumental in shaping our Firm’s and client’s success.

Charlie is a distinguished advocate for whistleblowers and other plaintiffs pursuing significant litigation. He has deep experience with cases involving insurance fraud, fraud on the government, and other qui tam claims. Mr. Wysong has achieved notable seven- and eight-figure outcomes for whistleblowers, employees, and in major personal injury tort claims. He also has an active practice in disability, LGBTQ, and education law—both assisting individuals and families who have experienced discrimination and partnering with leading non-profit advocates on major lawsuits.

Charlie also anchors our successful appellate litigation practice. He handles appeals on a variety of issues in Illinois appellate courts, with multiple arguments before the Illinois Supreme Court. He clerked for former Judge Richard Posner, and litigates appeals before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Among his notable appellate achievements, he secured a unanimous victory upholding a key Illinois insurance fraud law in the Illinois Supreme Court in State ex rel. Cahill v. Family Vision Care.

At HSPRD, we pride ourselves on excellence and delivering exceptional legal services tailored to the needs and particularities of our clients. Adding Lori and Charlie as shareholders further solidified our position as a leading force in the legal community.

We look forward to the collaborative success that their expertise will undoubtedly bring to our Firm and the clients we serve. Please join us in extending a warm welcome and congratulations to Lori Deem and Charlie Wysong.

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