Kendra Scheuerlein, Presenter at Community Immigration Forum

Knowing that it is important and empowering for people to understand their rights, HSPRD’s immigration attorney Kendra Scheuerlein volunteered last week at the Community Immigration Forum hosted by Latinos Progresando to discuss a person’s rights when interacting with ICE and to provide personalized screening for attendees for any forms of relief from removal or affirmative applications that may be available.

“Information grounded in fact and law is incredibly important and empowering for people. When communities are staying indoors because they are living in fear, just understanding that they have rights can give them the strength they need to step outside their door and continue in their day-to-day lives. When I can help provide that information, it gives me the hope and strength I need to keep doing this work every day, I am always thankful for these opportunities to connect with communities and provide information.”

Said Ms. Scheuerlein about the forum.

For more information about immigration and nationality matters, please contact Kendra Scheuerlein at 312.604.2624

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