Kalman D. Resnick Presents Elliott Ozment Award to Governor JB Pritzker

On June 23, 2023, Shareholder Kalman D. Resnick presented the Elliott Ozment Award on behalf of Immigrant’s List to Illinois Governor JB Pritzker in recognition of his support for the rights of immigrants, refugees, and asylees and the enactment by the State of Illinois of numerous laws to protect and expand the rights of immigrants. The award to Governor Pritzker was presented at Immigrants’ List’s 2023 Award Luncheon in Orlando, Florida, which took place during the 2023 Annual Conference of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). At the luncheon, Immigrants’ List awarded its Michael Maggio Award to U.S. Representative Delia Ramirez (IL-03) and U.S. Representative Hillary Scholten (MI-03) for their support of immigrant rights. Also awarded the Maggio Award were the Family Action Network Movement, the Florida Immigrant Coalition, and EMGAGE USA for their vigorous advocacy of immigrant rights during this challenging time when Florida and other states are enacting legislation hostile to the rights of immigrants. Immigrant’s List is a Political Action Committee which supports candidates for federal office who support immigrant rights. Immigrants’ List Civil Action participates in the public debate about immigration policy and legislation and encourages voting to achieve immigration reform. Mr. Resnick serves on the Board of Directors of Immigrants’ List. 

While attending the 2023 AILA Annual Conference, Mr. Resnick participated as a panelist in a session on combatting anti-immigrant state legislation which was attended by several hundred AILA members.

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