HSPRD’s lawyers shape model policy on gender inclusion for schools


HSPRD lawyers Juliet Berger-White, Chirag Badlani, and Charlie Wysong, in collaboration with the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital and others, recently helped draft a model school policy for inclusion of transgender and gender expansive students.

As school districts strive to include all students, administrators, families, and advocates need guidance about best practices for policies that address gender inclusion. To address this, HSPRD lawyers worked with Lurie Children’s and others to draft a Model Policy and Administrative Procedure to guide schools as they navigate how to support gender inclusion.  Lurie Children’s Hospital was the first children’s hospital in the country to issue a policy statement in support of transgender and gender expansive youth.  This Model Policy and associated tools provide a wealth of resources for schools to address this emerging issue

Ms. Berger-White is the founder and Mr. Badlani and Mr. Wysong are members of Gender Inclusive Schools, a working group comprised of lawyers, educators, parents, and advocates focused on the improvement of educational policies and practices for transgender and gender expansive students. They assist families and school districts working together to ensure that the needs of all students are addressed.


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