HSPRD’s Joshua Karsh featured in the Chicago Sun Times










HSPRD Shareholder Joshua Karsh was covered in a Chicago Sun Times news article earlier this week concerning  his representation of the 111 black firefighters of the Chicago Fire Department.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

Joshua Karsh, an attorney representing the 111 black firefighters, said the Chicago Fire Department “did not set out to do black firefighters any favors” by failing to clear them adequately for duty.

“The department’s history of discrimination against both minorities and women makes that utterly implausible,” Karsh wrote in an email to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Instead, the news here, and unfortunately it’s an old story, is that too often when the Fire Department’s hiring practices are subjected to scrutiny, whether for hiring firefighters or for hiring paramedics, what we discover is that the department’s practices lack validity.”

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