HSPRD’s José Behar Speaks With Bloomberg BNA On Workplace Bullying

On March 16, 2017, HSPRD’s José Behar spoke with The Daily Labor Report of Bloomberg BNA on the topic of workplace bullying.  When bullying is present in a workplace, it not only decreases productivity but may also result in liability for the employer.  Mr. Behar told Bloomberg BNA, “There are certain state laws that prohibit bullying in the workplace. Just because you don’t have a federal lawsuit doesn’t mean you don’t have a state or municipal lawsuit.”  Some state and local legislatures are considering passing laws or ordinances covering bullying in the workplace.

There is also a potential for workers to file federal discrimination claims against their employer due to workplace bullying.   Mr. Behar said that a discrimination claim may arise even if managers bully all their employees when “their bullying tends to be more frequent or extreme to a particular employee or group of individuals.  In those situations, depending on the pervasiveness, that could rise to a violation of federal law.”

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