HSPRD Wins Class Cert in Truck Driver Pay Case

On March 5th, Federal Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman granted Plaintiffs’ motion for class certification in a case involving owner-operator truck drivers who allege that BDJ Trucking improperly deducted money from their paychecks for insurance, escrow, and processing fees. HSPRD Attorney Chris Wilmes is the lead attorney on the case.

The class includes more than 50 owner-operator truck drivers who contracted with BDJ Trucking to haul loads all across the country.  The truckers allege that the company did not abide by its obligations under the contract, deducting large sums from the drivers’ pay for an escrow account, occupational accident insurance, and processing fees.

“These truckers worked long hours for BDJ Trucking and trusted they would be paid a fair wage for their work. Plaintiffs look forward to recovering unlawful deductions for the class members in the months to come,”

said Christopher Wilmes.

Click HERE to read the court’s order.

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