HSPRD Wins Class Cert in Independent Contractor Misclassification Case

On June 17th, Federal Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman granted Plaintiffs’ motion for class certification in a case involving unpaid overtime and minimum wage claims on behalf of security guards who worked for Stevens Security & Training Service, Inc. HSPRD Attorney Chris Wilmes is the lead attorney on the case, which was also featured on Bloomberg Law news.

The class includes more than 100 workers, and a majority of them worked as guards and television crews for Twentieth Century Fox in Chicago. The guards allege the company misclassified them as independent contractors, refused to pay them overtime pay, and deducted money from their paychecks when the company believed they broke work rules. “Independent contractor misclassification is not fair to workers, and it is not fair to companies that play by the rules. Plaintiffs look forward to recovering unpaid wages for workers in the months to come,” said Christopher Wilmes.

The article Bloomberg Law released can be accessed HERE.
Click HERE to read the court’s order.

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