HSPRD Whistleblower Suit to Proceed to Protect Medicare Beneficiaries

After years of litigation, HSPRD secured a significant victory last month in a major whistleblower case that seeks to protect over one million Medicare beneficiaries from fraudulent insurance coverage decisions.  HSPRD attorneys Matthew Piers and Charlie Wysong represent a dedicated whistleblower who is a former CMS official and medical director for the defendant AIM Specialty Care.  She bravely came forward to expose fraudulent and unfair practices that cheated seniors and others on Medicare out of essential medical care and put them at risk, all the while defrauding the government Medicare program.  Judge Jorge Alonso denied defendants’ motion to dismiss the allegations of fraud.  The case, United States ex rel Nedza v. AIM Specialty Care, is pending in the Northern District of Illinois. As part of a national practice representing whistleblowers in False Claims Act and qui tam actions, HSPRD represents the whistleblower here along with Cohen Law Group of Chicago and Phillips and Cohen of Washington D.C.

See opinion.

For more information, please contact Matt Piers or Charlie Wysong.

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