HSPRD Helps Teenage Hockey Player Fight Mental Illness Stigma

When 15-year-old Morgan Urso was told she could no longer play in her hockey club for being honest about her mental illness, she and her family were completely devastated.  The family has joined the #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement to share Morgan’s story to educate others about destigmatizing mental illnesses.

ESPN recently covered her story and how she has connected with #SameHere founder Eric Kussin and with Rob Schremp, a former NHL player to become advocates for #SameHere.

“When I heard Morgan’s story, I felt for her in such a terrible way,” Schremp said. “I had to deal with those feelings of rejections and emotions at 31. She was dealing with it at such a young age. I didn’t want one person or one team to affect her like that, to crush her love for the game, just giving her the wrong message completely. I wanted her to understand there’s good people in hockey.”

Charlie Wysong and HSPRD are honored to represent the Urso family in Morgan’s fight against disability discrimination.

Morgan’s full story can be found HERE.

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