HSPRD Celebrates Pride Month

HSPRD celebrates pride month by acknowledging the progress in Courts recognizing that everyone has the legal right to be free from discrimination under the law.  Recent years have brought milestone victories in the Supreme Court for marriage equality and prohibiting discrimination against workers based on gender identity and sexual orientation under the federal Title VII civil rights law. Everyone should be free to love who they love and fully welcomed to be who they are.

With some states across the country recently passing devastating laws for children and families, HSPRD is proud to work to keep Illinois a beacon of justice and inclusion where everyone is protected from discrimination in school, at work, and in public.  As part of his work for youth and students, our partner Charlie Wysong participated in Governor Pritzker’s Affirming and Inclusive Schools Taskforce. That work has provided the foundation for the Illinois State Board of Education to offer guidance to schools across the state for how to affirm and include students of all gender identities. HSPRD also continues to work with students, employees, and others to make sure those rights become a reality.  We are among many fighting to keep Illinois is moving forward, not backward, to support students of all gender identities.

HSPRD is proud to support our clients and allies in the work to make Illinois an inclusive, affirming, and safe place for people of every sexual orientation and gender identity. We strive to promote inclusion at our office for our  clients, employees, and visitors, and to work with our clients to promote justice and inclusion in society beyond.

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