HSPRD Attorneys Obtain a Not Guilty Verdict in Favor of Radiologist Client

On November 7, 2022, Liz Jaci and Roger Littman completed a two-week jury trial with a defense verdict in favor of their radiologist client before Judge Maura Slattery Boyle in Cook County, Illinois. The defendants included not only the physician but her employer and the hospital at which the physician interpreted the challenged ultrasound.

The radiologist had interpreted an ultrasound as entirely negative, whereas Plaintiff’s experts contended that it indicated the presence of blood clots which migrated several days later and caused the death of the 17 year old patient due to pulmonary embolisms. The estate sued on behalf of the biological mother and father as well as four siblings.

Plaintiff’s counsel requested 9 million dollars plus economic damages ranging from half million to 2.5 million dollars. The jury deliberated for less than 2 hours before returning a verdict in favor of all defendants. 

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