HSPRD Announces Lori Deem’s Rise to Shareholder: A Devotion to Excellence, Growth, and Client Success

Lori Deem has been elevated to the position of Shareholder at Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Ltd.

Lori’s journey with our firm began during unprecedented times, as she joined us in March 2020. While we all adapted to working remotely, Lori displayed her resilience, adaptability, and exceptional professionalism as she built relationships within our firm and continued to grow her practice during challenging circumstances.

In a recent interview, Lori shared her insights on leadership, her dedication to client satisfaction, and her commitment to mentoring junior attorneys and staff at HSPRD.     

Lori recognizes the wealth of talent at HSPRD. She is dedicated to ensuring junior partners, associates, and staff members realize their professional development and growth goals. She keenly understands that, as a shareholder, she has joined a group of leaders who have a responsibility and opportunity to mentor and support junior partners, associates, and staff members. Lori expressed her promise: “I am dedicated to investing in our talented team members, propelling both themselves and our firm to new levels of expertise that we can leverage to achieve our clients’ goals.” She believes in renewing the commitment to growth with each assignment, fostering an environment where knowledge is shared, and team members are empowered to develop their skills.

As a new shareholder, Lori is committed to preserving the traditions and excellence that define HSPRD. She envisions a firm where each practice group maintains its unique expertise and identity yet is bound together by a shared commitment to client service. Lori also understands the importance of innovation to meet clients’ evolving needs while creating an optimal environment for attorneys and staff to thrive, stating, “I am committed to maintaining the traditions that make HSPRD special while keeping an eye on how the firm can innovate and evolve.”

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of the legal profession, Lori has shown an ability to adapt her practice and service offerings in response to changing market conditions and client priorities. For example, in addition to individual employment law advocacy and litigation, she has expanded her practice over the last few years to incorporate executive coaching and counseling. Lori’s ability to navigate shifting landscapes exemplifies her capacity to provide continuous support to clients at various career stages, fostering enduring relationships.

Lori’s dedication to client satisfaction is evident in her approach, even from the initial client contact. She prioritizes active listening to understand the legal situation and the client’s goals. She stresses the importance of transparent communication throughout the engagement to ensure that strategies align as the situation and expectations evolve.

“Transparency and communication are key to adjusting our strategy plan as necessary to maintain our focus on goal achievement,” Lori affirms. As she steps into this elevated role, Lori is poised to contribute significantly to the continued success and excellence of HSPRD.

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