Be Prepared. You Have Rights.

Regardless of your immigration status, you have guaranteed rights under the Constitution. If you are undocumented and stopped by ICE in a public place, in your home, or at your work place it is important to remain calm and know you have rights.

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To report a raid, please call the Family Support Hotline 1-855-HELP-MY-FAMILY
(1-855-435-7693) English/Spanish/Korean/Polish

Additional resources :
Immigrant’s Rights:
Know Your Rights Handouts: If ICE Visits a Home, Employer, or Public Space (available in multiple languages):

For more information, please contact our immigration team:
Kalman Resnick T. 312.604.2608
Kendra Scheuerlein T. 312.604.2624
Kelli Fenelle T. 312.604.2736
Laura Voegeli T. 312.604.2748

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