A Message from HSPRD

The horrific brutality perpetrated against George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many other Black people has served as a spotlight on the long history of enduring, systemic racism and violence in this country. This racism afflicts every aspect of American life, from the criminal legal system, to housing discrimination, to educational and employment opportunities, to healthcare, as the COVID-19 crisis has so terribly underscored. 

The waves of protests sweeping the country indicate a rejection of the status quo that we hope will finally lead to change.  At this historic moment, HSPRD affirms and extends the Firm’s commitment to fighting against racism, white supremacy, and all forms of racial inequality.  Racial justice is woven into the fabric of the Firm. We are proud to have challenged racist systems through scores of cases, including those that have worked to reform the cash bail system, enforced the rights of many thousands of Black workers who have been denied employment opportunities, and pushed forward educational equity in the public schools, as well as through our immigration work and our support of racial justice organizations with pro bono work and financial contributions.

But we must do more.  As a Firm, we are taking a hard look at the best way we can contribute to dismantling systemic racism, eliminating racial disparities, and better promoting equal opportunity–in the short-term and long-term, and both inside and outside the firm.  In doing so, we look beyond ourselves to the voices of Black leaders, advocates, colleagues, and clients with the intention of using our privilege and power as lawyers to take real, direct, effective action.

We have much work to do, as a law firm, a city, and a nation.  We commit to doing it toward creating a better world—one where it is not only recognized without question that Black Lives Matter but they are equally valued, supported, and celebrated.

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