False Claims Act/Qui Tam Litigation

Our lawyers have helped whistleblowers evaluate and pursue their claims. We have filed and won some of the largest and most significant whistleblower cases ever brought. We do not take many cases. But that’s deliberate on our part—so that we can commit our resources to your case. Our record testifies to the success of our approach.

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In collaboration with the Cohen Law Group, Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Ltd. has developed a national practice representing whistleblower clients in the fast growing, highly specialized area of law known as qui tam or false claims litigation. We represent private-citizen whistleblowers across the country to report fraud against government programs through cases brought under federal and state false claims laws. Our attorneys have represented whistleblower clients in a wide range of cases addressing government contract fraud, Medicare and Medicaid medical provider fraud, pharmaceutical company pricing fraud, and financial institution and banking fraud.

Steven Cohen, who is of counsel to HSPRD, is one of the most experienced qui tam/false claims attorneys in the nation. He has worked with a network of federal and state prosecutors and government investigators in some of the largest whistleblower-initiated government prosecutions brought under the false claims laws, resulting in total recoveries in excess of $700 million, including $100 million in awards to clients.

If you think may be a whistleblower with a false claims case, please visit Whistleblower Advocates to learn more.