Birth Trauma Defense

With one of the most experienced medical malpractice defense groups in Chicago, HSPRD brings extensive organizational resources to the defense of birth trauma cases and risk management consultations to help reduce exposure arising from obstetrical care.

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Effective representation in these challenging cases requires not only familiarity with obstetrics and obstetrical nursing but also an understanding of interrelated aspects of neonatology, placental pathology, neurology, genetics and neuroradiology. While it is easy to recognize the potential economic impact of being sued for alleged birth trauma, the emotional toll these suits can exact from defendants is often overlooked. Counsel with first-hand familiarity with the realities of clinical practice and experience shepherding defendants through the process can be an invaluable asset in minimizing this stress and maximizing the defendant’s ability to effectively participate in a vigorous defense.

The HSPRD birth trauma defense team offers services including:

  • Lead defense counsel

  • National coordinating counsel

  • FHT interpretation

  • Witness preparation

  • Literature review

  • Defense strategy

  • Expert retention/preparation

  • Expert cross-examination

  • Potential verdict/settlement evaluation

  • Mediation

  • Trial to verdict/appeal

HSPRD’s depth of talent is unmatched, and we achieve success for our clients by bringing together teams of the best lawyers across multiple disciplines to deliver nothing short of excellence.