Partner Charlie Wysong Interviewed About Whistleblower Litigation for NELA-IL Podcast

HSPRD Partner Charlie Wysong was recently interviewed by the “Employee to Lawyer” podcast about HSPRD’s work on behalf of whistleblowers. Charlie talks about the legal protections for employees who oppose illegal conduct at work and opportunities for whistleblowers to expose fraud on state, local and federal governments. Focusing on the firm’s Whistleblower & Qui Tam work, he discussed how many employees learn of fraud on the government at work and have legal options to fight that fraud and be protected from retaliation. The full interview can be accessed HERE.  The “Employee to Lawyer” podcast is presented by NELA-Illinois to highlight important laws and topics that effect employees in the work place for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Charlie Wysong counsels and represents clients on a wide range of legal issues, with a focus on civil rights, labor and employment litigation, whistleblower and qui tam claims, education law, and complex business litigation. If you or someone you know is aware of fraud and interested in discussing a possible Whistleblower claim, please contact our team.

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