Illinois Governor JB Pritzker appoints HSPRD Partner Chirag Badlani to the Statutory Court Fees Task Force

On April 23, 2021, Governor JB Pritzker appointed HSPRD Partner Chirag Badlani to serve on the Illinois Supreme Court Statutory Court Fees Task Force.  The Task Force, created by an order of the Illinois Supreme Court, will conduct a thorough review of the various statutory fees imposed or assessed on criminal defendants and civil litigants, and review and study the implementation and impact of the Criminal and Traffic Assessment Act and other recent statutory changes which have sought to address skyrocketing court fees that impose disproportionate burdens on economically vulnerable citizens. Following its review, the Task Force will issue a report of its findings and recommendations to the Illinois Supreme Court and the General Assembly. 

Chirag’s practice in the areas of civil rights and constitutional litigation includes challenges to wealth-based pre-trial detention and the use of private user-funded probation.  He is a frequent speaker on access to justice and criminal legal issues.      

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