HSPRD’s Ian Wagreich Voices Impact of Trump’s Immigration Plans

IWagreichDuring his campaign, Donald Trump made a number of conflicting remarks about his plans for remaking our system that provides for the immigration of certain employment-based immigrants.  At times he expressed a viewpoint calling for halting or slowing all immigration to the U.S. while at other times, he acknowledged the contributions of highly skilled immigrants to the U.S.  HSPRD’s Ian Wagreich and others attempt to read the tea leaves and predict the effect of a Trump Administration on employment-related immigration to the U.S.

“In my practice, I had initial discussions with several promising businesses that were looking to set up operations in the U.S. who were waiting for the results of the election, and who have now decided that they do not want to invest in the U.S. because of extreme anti-immigrant sentiment,” Mr. Wagreich shares in GeekWire. Ian believes the Trump administration’s attitude and policies will deter foreign entrepreneurs from setting up shop in the U.S. He’s seen the phenomenon first-hand with his clients.

“The entrepreneurial parole was a proposed regulation issued by the Obama administration, and I think it is extremely unlikely that the proposed rule will be finalized under a Trump administration, given that the transition team has been targeting an extremely large number of regulations and executive actions for elimination,” said Wagreich. “That being said, the entrepreneurial parole proposal did have some bipartisan support, so I hope to be surprised.”

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