HSPRD’s Donna Socol Publishes “The Personal Touch in the World of COVID” by ABA

HSPRD’ shareholder, Donna Socol’s article “The Personal Touch in the World of COVID” was recently published by the American Bar Association (ABA) ‘s Newsletter, The Woman Advocate. The Woman Advocate Committee is led by experienced women litigators from all over the country working to provide support and useful information to all women who litigate. The article discusses strategic and creative ways to meaningfully connect with others while adapting to remote work in the world of COVID.

Ms. Socol also speaks about her journey as a young female trial attorney, emphasizing that an effective trial lawyer can still maintain the qualities of compassion, empathy and understanding with others —the personal touch.

“It is meaningful to share through the written word. However, your voice needs to be heard as well, as an expression of understanding, warmth and humanity—the personal touch.”

Donna Socol.

Read full article HERE.

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