HSPRD’s Cynthia Brito speaks on Gender Equality


HSPRD’s Cynthia Brito represented the Dare to Dream: Get Educated conference initiative and presented at the Illinois State Board of Education – Gender Equality Advisory Committee on November 13th 2015.  Cynthia spoke about the annual Dare to Dream: Get Educated conference and shared insights on the current demographic landscape of Latinas in the United States and the need to replicate and support organizations such as Dare to Dream.

Cynthia Brito is  a civil rights paralegal at HSPRD and has worked on multiple high impact litigation cases including Lewis v.City of Chicago, a historic race discrimination case involving 6,000 African American firefighter applicant class members, as well as several international civil rights cases involving the rights of migrant workers.

Apart from the work she does at HSPRD, Cynthia, is the president of Dare to Dream: Get Educated, a non-profit organization that works with middle school and high school Latinas to encourage and support their efforts to graduate from high school, to encourage college enrollment, and to introduce them to college and career role models.  She is also a co-founder of L@YAL, the first Latino youth led community organization in DuPage County which addresses various issues on immigration, reproductive justice, and access to education.


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