HSPRD Welcomes New Attorneys

HSPRD is pleased to announce the arrival of three outstanding associate attorneys: Emily R. Brown, Matthew G. Novaria, and Iman N. Boundaoui. They are experienced in handling a variety of matters, including labor and employment law, civil rights and class actions.

Every year, our firm grows stronger as we expand our team with qualified individuals from all over the country. We combine all kinds of talents and strengths under one firm, learn from one another and become a highly competitive firm with excellent creative problem-solving skills.

Our new attorneys bring tenacity as well as integrity and align with our mission as passionate advocates fighting for the rights of others. HSPRD remains committed to providing our clients with the highest quality legal services through teamwork, creativity, and attention to detail. We foster new relationships each day and continue those that began decades ago.

We welcome Emily, Matthew and Iman and believe their contributions will allow HSPRD to continue to provide clients with excellent results and exceptional service.

Get to know them better in HSPRD’s Attorney Q&A:

Why did you choose to work for HSPRD?

“Because of the cutting-edge civil rights litigation and impact litigation.” – Iman N. Boundaoui
Click HERE to learn more about Iman.

“I wanted to work on challenging cases alongside lawyers who are passionate about their practice and committed to delivering excellent results for clients. Also, I wanted to join HSPRD because of the firm’s commitment to advocating for marginalized persons and underserved communities.” – Matthew G. Novaria
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“The decision was a no-brainer. I knew that joining HSPRD would help me reach my potential as a lawyer and use my practice to make a difference. HSPRD has filed some newsworthy cases that advance the ball on important justice issues, but they also consistently bring value to their clients. They have a reputation in Chicago for excellence and high ethical standards. It also helped that I had met some HSPRD lawyers through my previous work, and I admired them. I realized that they were the lawyers I wanted to work alongside and learn from. So far, everything about the firm has lived up to my expectations. I’m really happy here.” – Emily R. Brown
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