HSPRD Supports Mission Trip to Nicaragua

One of HSRPRD’s very own, Christine Blank, recently went on a mission trip with the “Nica Angels,” an international outreach program that works closely with Northern Nicaraguan communities. The group helped locals with access to clean water, education, and sustainable economic development. During the trip, Christine along with her husband and twelve other volunteers, helped build a classroom for high schoolers.  Past teams have built schools, homes, and a hotel with a café that helped provide jobs for locals. 

Mission trips are funded through the generosity of sponsors, and HSPRD was delighted to be among the proud supporters that made this great cause possible.  Before COVID, the Nica Angels had been working in Nicaragua since 2015 by bringing teams of people from the U.S. to work on significant construction projects. For two years in a row, however, the Nica Angels were forced to postpone mission trips due to the shutdown of the global pandemic, leaving the locals from Nicaragua more vulnerable than ever.  The group was glad to return in 2022, and their long working days always came with a rewarding pay off – the warm and friendly hospitality and kindness of the locals.  On the last day of Christine’s mission trip, the children put on a performance for the volunteers as a thank you for their hard work and for their friendship. 

“Because of our faith and because we are blessed with so much, my husband and I were grateful to have had the opportunity to go on this mission trip, get to know these beautiful people, and be a part of an organization that helps give a “hand up” to make their lives better.” Said Christine Blank about her one-week experience in Nicaragua.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child in need or donating to the cause, please visit the Nica Angels website.

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