HSPRD Obtains Approval of a National Interest Waiver Petition

The HSPRD Immigration team is proud of their latest success obtaining approval of a National Interest Waiver Petition for a researcher who is making critical contributions of national importance in Microbiology and Virology.  The petition approval allows this scientist to continue her important work in the U.S. and involves the development of therapeutic compounds which benefit patients nationwide.  Our immigration team has deep experience in assisting researchers, scientists, professors, and other highly skilled individuals who are benefiting to navigate the highly complex U.S. immigration system. 

If you are a researcher, scientist, professor or other individual looking for an evaluation of how to obtain U.S. immigration benefits based on contributions to the U.S., please contact our immigration team at 312.604.2746 or Marta Delgado at 312-216 5116.

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