HSPRD Files Class Action Complaint Against Prime & Provisions

On February 25, 2022, HSPRD filed a lawsuit on behalf of Amanda Persons, a former server who worked for Prime & Provisions, one of the restaurants owned and operated by DineAmic Hospitality. Persons alleges that Prime & Provisions forced servers to share portions of their tips with managers, in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Illinois Minimum Wage Law, and the Chicago Minimum Wage Ordinance. She seeks to represent similarly situated tipped employees in a class action against Prime & Provisions to recover the illegally retained tips and wages. HSPRD attorneys Chris Wilmes and Emily Brown are the lead attorneys on the case.

According to the complaint, Prime & Provisions pooled tips from dozens of bartenders and servers and distributed the earnings among certain employees at the end of the night. Some of those tips ended up being paid out to the manager on duty, in violation of state and federal law.

“If restaurants want to rely on tips to pay some of their employees’ wages, then they have to play by the rules. The law forbids restaurants from sharing tips with managers.”

Said attorney Chris Wilmes.

Plaintiff seeks to recover the ill-gotten tip share for herself and other servers who worked for the company during the past three years.

Prime and Provisions Class Action Complaint

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