Mark Dym Interviewed in Leading Lawyers Magazine


HSPRD Shareholder Mark Dym was recently featured in Leading Lawyers Magazine, 2019 Consumers Edition. The article, titled: “Experienced Counselor Remains on Side of Injured ‘Little Guys’,” shows a side of Mark you may not know. Despite his success in multimillion-dollar settlements and representing international corporations, Mark opens up about what he is most passionate about and one of the most rewarding parts of his job: fighting for the little guys.

“I’m for the little guy, even though I have represented some big companies. I keep a booklet of all of my thank you cards and notes over the years. The reward in helping people who typically are not accustomed to having access to quality legal assistance is immeasurable,” Mark stated during the interview.

Through Mark’s journey as a lawyer, many things changed in his life but the importance of family always remained a top priority. During the interview, Mark talks about the vital role his father played in his life and how it taught him the importance of working hard, keeping one’s word, and being modest.

“Those principles apply to any business,” Mark says, “not just being an attorney.” “As my father said, your business comes from word of mouth. If you work hard, people will notice. My father, my mother, all four of my grandparents taught me how to treat people.”

Mark’s work ethic and undivided attention towards his clients did not go unnoticed. Soon enough, clients and colleagues turned into long lasting friendships as he became a trusted advisor.
“He is extremely ethical and won’t do anything in any way to bend the rules. But in the context of the rules, he is fiercely determined to help every client.” Said longtime friend and shareholder John Hughes.

Read the full interview here: Experienced Counselor Remains on Side of Injured ‘Little Guys’

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